A message from CEO

We will deliver the power and possibilities of fucoidan to customers.

VENTUNO, the Italian for “21″.
As the name suggests, VENTUNO was established in 1990 with its sights set firmly on the 21st century. In the remote past, before the existence of life, Earth was covered by a primeval ocean. It was this ocean that gave birth to algae, the earliest form of life on our planet. Miraculous Mother Earth and algae, its blessing to our world, are the origins of all life as we know it. Our encounter with fucoidan, derived from a slimy substance found on algae, led us to focus our attention on the natural powers inherent in fucoidan. These powers include the capability to stimulate our natural immune systems and moisturizing/regenerative properties that are effective at promoting a beautiful complexion. We have continued to focus only on developing excellent products that support both health and beauty on the inside and out. In addition, we have been involved in research and development in collaboration with experts in medicine and science, including at public institutes. And our research and development of fucoidan continues in a range of fields worldwide, unravelling the mysteries behind its inestimable potentials. As well as generating awareness of the amazing powers of fucoidan among a wider audience through health food and cosmetic products, we are making every effort to explore further possibilities for fucoidan and make these available to the world.

We at VENTUNO will continue to pursue the potential for change and evolution!

We are still a young company, but all our employees possess a level of power second to none, moving forward in their day-to-day work in a spirit of endeavor. We believe that the source of our drive is the voices of satisfaction from our customers, and it is these voices that in turn act as a source of joy and personal development for our employees. “Things that only we are capable of doing”; “Things that are possible because of us” – we would like to become the “one and only” company in which these mottos are shared by all employees and continue proposing products in close relation with each and every customer. We continue to be a company that provides customers with pleasing products and services that will bring them a healthy and happy future, while providing our employees with a fun and challenging work environment.


Chairman & CEO: Masaji Nakamizo


President: Hayato Nakano

Company Profile

Company name VENTUNO Co.,Ltd.
Established January 1990
Capital ¥20,000,000
Representative Masaji Nakamizo, Chairman & CEO
Hayato Nakano, President
Business Mail-order/wholesale retail (cosmetics/health foods)
Employees 108 (as of AUG 2020)
Address 2-1-1 oomiya, chuou-ku, Fukuoka 810-0013, Japan
TEL : +81-92-521-2290 FAX : +81-92-521-0779

Corporate vision

Providing customers with safe and reliable products based on our integrated management system, from initial development through to sales.

Organizational structure


The 21st century has seen a surge in global awareness of healthy living, and the market is awash with a diverse range of health foods. It is against this background that we encountered the ingredient fucoidan. This encounter was a revelation to us, and made us determined to approach product develop with the wish of delivering even better products to our customers, products that would promote real health and beauty.

​​​Our hope is to continue providing customers with products that they really want to use.


Exterior shot of VENTUNO

Umu no  Uta, Kikou-cha

Umi no uta, Kikou-cha

Okinawa Mozuku, ingredient of fucoidan

Okinawa Mozuku, ingredient of fucoidan

F-CURE series

Kai-cho kouso plus koubo






History of VENTUNO   VENTUNO’s products
VENTUNO Co.,Ltd. established 1990  
  1995 Kikou-cha goes on sale
Research begins on fucoidan 1999  
Mail-order sales begin 2001 Umi no uta series goes on sale
  2003 Fucoidan V series goes on sale
Relocation of our headquarters 2004  
  2005 F-CURE series goes on sale
  2010 Kai-cho goes on sale
*Approved as a project for subsidization
  2012 Sukkiri aojiru with ginger goes on sale
  2013 Kai-cho kouso goes on sale
Mozuku and mekabu and 21 grains goes on sale
Kasuga Customer center opens 2014  
  2015 Hanokoru goes on sale
“Laboratory of Bioactive Polysaccharide Analysis” was established at Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University  2016

puri puri princess goes on sale by our new brand PRIMATINA

Kai-cho kouso plus koubo goes on sale

 Kasuga customer center was relocated.This new building name is VENTUNO ANNEX. 2017

F-CURE rich stage series goes on sale

KONA DEEPーwater from the deep ocean waters of Hawaiiーgoes on sale


Mantentoiki goes on sale

*KYUTEC: Kyushu-Yamaguchi High-Tech Enterprise Development Foundation (as of 2011)

Our commitment

We develop products with a scientific basis that explore the possibilities of natural ingredients.

What is mozuku?
Masaji Nakamizo, President

Mozuku, a type of edible seaweed that has been consumed as food throughout Japan since ancient times, contains extremely large quantities of minerals and dietary fiber.
Mozuku is mainly found in shallow waters from tropical to temperate areas. Consisting of a series of irregular brown branches 1.5-3.5 mm in diameter, its surface secretes polysaccharide and is slimy.

What is mekabu?
Masaji Nakamizo, President

Mekabu is a thick ruffled sprout located within a leafy section found on the appressoria of wakame. Located in a section containing reproductive cells, it is equivalent to matured leaves or fertile leaves. Wakame is a type of seaweed and as such does not have roots, but mekabu is also known commonly as “wakame roots.”
Source: Wikipedia (Japanese language edition; accessed 10/04/2013 11:45 UTC)

Fucoidan is a slimy constituent from seaweed, such as mozuku and mekabu

What are the effects of fucoidan? Moisture retention Good for health

Our company utilizes fucoidan in health foods and cosmetics.

We have also developed and commercialized an original formula called Fucoidan Mix, which contains agaricus.*

We are involved in joint research with national universities in Japan, and the products we develop are based on firm scientific foundations.

Conference presentations

We have total confidence in our products!

*Agaricus is an edible Brazilian mushroom and is said to be effective in supporting good health.